Work on local transport

Work on local transport

improved bus service, bus gates, improved congestion on the ring road, electric charging points, more user friendly streets; intermodal public transport; high priority of active travel with safe and interconnected cycle routes leading to a strategic network across Oxon. Good subsidies for rural school transport; encouraging electric, train freight over road freight; delivery vehicles plan, city and town retail/business delivery, first miles/last miles focus for electric/pedalled powered delivery


Public transport needs to become absurdly cheap compared to the car, as well as reliable. Even a lot of members of the Green Party are very fond of their cars and loath to use public transport. A couple of quid off the price of a bus ticket (£7.00 for a journey of a few miles is not unusual) won't cut it. So there is a question about how to afford it.

It is more convenient to use a car, could we look at how much it costs to run a bus company as a non for profit company? There must be a tipping point where the amount of people using a bus off sets the cost what is that point? Maybe a local bus for each village? The community centre in Cutteslowe provided a bus which people booked but it was a limited service.

Ecar and ebike sharing should be encouraged and invested in. Each street/ each place of employment could have one car and one bike to start with.

More user friendly travel

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